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Sarah de T.


“The Painter”

Sarah, with her flamboyant eccentricity, witty sense of humour and irresistible smile is our third portrait.

An interior decorator and landscape designer by profession and a remarkable painter, Sarah moves between these multiple skills with rare devotion and engagement.

Sarah designs her gardens as she paints her canvases, taking into account shadows, light-filled spaces and colors, favoring free form and asymmetry to sculpt a landscape to be unlike any other and to enhance the beauty of nature.

As a painter, what interests her is what she sees, travelling with her canvases primed ready to start painting straight away « en plein air » in wind, rain and snow capturing at full speed everything that passes in front of her, rendering a reality, that endures beyond its own time.

Sarah, who is an expatriate Australian, divides her time between Paris where she lives and paints, and brittany and the south of France where she designs gardens and interiors of houses.


What is your idea of perfect happiness ?

Spring, birdsong, drum and bass, dappled light.
Accord with my loved ones, in fact right now (not all at once or i would explode ) !

What is the most extravagant thing you have ever done ?

Jumped on the train with my mother to Glyndebourne opera without tickets for the opera ( its a long way from London!…it turned out beautifully)

What do you consider is your greatest achievements ?

(other than making human beings ) protecting someone else in an split second of emergency

Which talent would you most like to have ?

I would like the ability to laugh easily and tap dance upstairs

Which living person do you most admire ?

Angela Merkel, Angela Davis, Stacey Abrams

Who are your favorite writers ?

(at the moment ) Primo Levi, Dickens, Seamus Heaney, Willa Cather, Ted Hughs

What do you regret the most ?

Lack of confidence to reflect slowly

Which flower would you like to be ?

Eucalyptus Tetratera

Which bird would you like to be ?

Bower bird or Owl

Who are your favorite heroes/heroines in fiction ?

Miss Marple

Who are your favorite artists ?

(at the moment ) Vilma Celmans, Marquet, Matthew Rose, Emily Kame Kingwarreye, Bonnard, Peter Doig

What is your most treasured possession ?

A tiger’s whisker, my children’s drawings

What is your favorite occupation ?

Painting in the landscape, planting a garden and the power of music every moment 

If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be ?

I would like to come back as a rock covered in lichen and moss.

What is your favourite motto ?

« Honor ante honores » – Honour before honors

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