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Our Concept

Charlotte Bialas is a collection  based on reusing rare printed silks from  seasons past and decades gone by. Treasured vintage finds, one-of-a-kind or limited editions dating from the 1950’s and onwards. Prints that have been hand-picked for their exceptional quality, print technique and origin, expertly sourced from antique fairs, auctions, vintage stocks and mills world wide

The collection is created with the highest quality of craftmanship and know-how. A wardrobe of quintessential yet contemporary styles, simultaneously eclectic and individual due to the variety of the prints, and effortless due to the bare lines of the shapes. The collection also offers tailoring service, where you can choose your fabrics and customize the shapes to create a perfect fit that offers a one-of-a-kind silhouette.

Signature prints  as  bold stripes, full blossom florals and graphic dots sit side by side creating a Mix and Match and a sense of Play. The diversity of the fabrics evoke the idea of travel, discovery and storytelling as they have been sourced from around the world and within different cultures. Each one of them has a traceable past and a story to tell.