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Charlotte Bialas thinks that creating a timeless, longlasting collection is the only reasonable and sustainable way forward.

Quality and durability are key to reduce our impact on the planets resources.

Sustainability is an inbuilt mindset, culture and lifestyle of our company.

Made in France



Tailoring service

Collection philosophy

Every piece of clothing is designed with a purpose, to be durable and sustainable. A wardrobe which can transition through the seasons.

We are promoting the idea of creating timeless collections that are made to last, clothes that has a long and valuable life. Our collections are created with meticulous attention to fabric and details. By producing garments for long term enjoyment, and manufacturing them locally in Paris, we reduce their carbon footprint. Our collections are produced in small sustainable runs and limited editions, to avoid overproducing excess units.


Rare vintage silks, one of a kind, or limited editions dating from seasons past and decades gone by.

Prints that have been hand-picked for their exceptional quality, print technique and origin, expertly sourced from antique fairs, auctions, vintage stocks and mills world wide. Our collections are based on using rescued fabrics and materials from stocks worldwide. Close to 90% of our products are made out of vintage dead-stock fabrics dating from the 1950’s and onward.


All products are made locally in Paris and within Ile de France to reduce the carbon footprint.

We work with several small Ateliers to ensure quality and produce limited quantities to avoid excess waste.


Our additional On-Demand service is a method of manufacturing in which goods are only produced when they are required, rather than in large volumes. You are getting something made specially for you and only you.

How to care for your clothes

The most sustainable practice is to extend the life of your clothes. So in order to lengthen their life and keep them in your wardrobe forever we have some helpful tips to help you care for them. In general:

  • Only wash as needed : not only will you save water and detergent, your clothes will last way longer.
  • Skip the dryer : Line dry your clothes instead, the heat of the dryer is harsh on your clothes, wears them down quickly and consumes a lot of energy.
  • Keep it cold : Wash your clothes as cold as possible


Silk is a delicate fabric but with the right technique it can be washed at home, and does not need to be dry cleaned. Use a mild detergent for delicate fabrics. Add water ( cold, or max 20° ) and leave your piece in there for a few minutes. Next, be sure to rinse thoroughly in clean water to ensure you remove all the soap residue. Once removed from the water let it drip dry for a moment, don’t wring it out as this may distort the shape. Lay the garment on a towel and roll the towel up softly. After this, lay the garment flat on a fresh towel and leave it to dry in a shaded spot.


The most environmentally friendly way to wash your cashmere, wich is also the kindest on your clothes, is to cold hand wash. Although we prefer to hand wash you can also clean your cashmere in a cold, gentle machine wash. Cashmere is naturally antibacterial so doesn’t need to be cleaned after every wear. You shouldn’t need to wash it more than once every 4-6 wear. Use a mild detergent for delicate fabrics . Add water ( around 20° ) and leave your piece in there for a few minutes . Rince thoroughly in cold water without wringing it. Repeat until all the soap is removed. Lay the garment on a towel and roll the towel up softly. After this , lay the garment flat on a fresh towel and leave it to dry in a shaded spot.