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Ann B


“The Knitter”

Ann, with her unique imagination, swift intuitive thinking and striking nordic beauty is our fourth portrait.
A costume and set designer by profession and an exceptional artist , Ann works side by side with these multiple skills with rare energy and passion.

As a costume designer for over 25 years for theater, television and film, she masters the craft like a special art form, where clothes, characters, language, and artistic vision interact together. This in-depth process has led her to work with outstanding directors such as Lars Norén, Stefan Larsson and Lena Endre, in several theaters and stages in Europe such as The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and La Comedie Française in Paris.

Ann is also renowned for her knitted portable sculptures, where she makes knitting into something in between art and functional craft, a medium that flirts with sculptural form and wearable art. She knits intuitively, free hand and completely without patterns. The creative process is driven by an idea or a feeling, often drawing inspiration from the 1700th century, art, photography, film and fashion.
As she says « I look at everything, and I knit constantly, it’s like therapy »

Ann is currently exhibiting her knitted portable sculptures at the Vida museum in öland, Sweden.
The show is called « Barely Portable »


What is your most outstanding character trait ?

I’m quick in what I do which is good… but sometimes too quick, which is bad…

What is your idea of perfect happiness ?

Be with my family and that we are all good

What is the most extravagant thing you have ever done ?

To have bought our house in Höganäs and to travel down in springtime with a fully packed car to last for the whole summer

What do you consider is your greatest achievements ?

That I got to work with Lars Norén and get to start making my own exhibitions

Which talent would you most like to have ?

To be able to draw completely freehand

Which living person do you most admire ?

A person who is wise, daring, responsive, caring, kind, strong

Who are your favorite writers ?

Donna Tartt, Roy Jacobsen, Lars Norén…. There are more

In which imaginary country would you like to live ?

A country where there are compassion across borders, acceptance between differences and where you don’t feel threatened. Aesthetically beautiful with a lot of nature, beautiful low houses, no skyscrapers and a lot of natural materials, beautiful personal homes where everything you like can be accommodated, a lot of gardens and a lot of flowers.

What do you regret the most ?

When I have acted wrongly as a mother

Which flower would you like to be ?


Which bird would you like to be ?


Who are your favorite heroes/heroines ?


Who are your favorite artists ?

Louise Bourgeois, Helene Schjerbeck, Picasso…There are more

What is your greatest fear ?

That something is going to happen to my children

What is your most treasured possession ?

Our house in Höganäs

What is your favorite occupation ?


What would you change about yourself if you could ?

Yoga more, sit quietly and read more, sometimes think more before I talk

If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be ?

I would like to be a mother to my children again and again and again…. so I guess I would like to come back as myself then…

What is your current state of mind ?

Both happiness and worry. Great joy in a lot of pleasurable work, but also worries right now in the family which is hard.

What is your favourite motto ?

To always attempt to do what you desire, but if it doesn’t meet you, you have to drop it.

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